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We also understand that God’s nature is “three-fold”: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew -20; 2 Corinthians ).This concept of God’s three-fold nature, the Trinity, was understood by the early Christian Church as the best way to explain what they had experienced.

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In the Bible, God forgave cheaters (see the story of Jacob in Genesis 27 and 32), murderers (David in 2 Samuel 12), adulterers (an unnamed woman in John 8:1-11), and even those who had turned away from God earlier (Samson in Judges 16 and 17). First, God invites us to experience a personal relationship with Him.

Use it to study grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and common idioms.

The site offers beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish study tracks.

When we have such a relationship, God intends for us to become more loving, patient, and self-disciplined; in short, we are on a journey toward a God-shaped life (2 Corinthians ; Galatians -23; 1 John 3:2).

In addition, God gives each person special abilities designed to help others.

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