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Furillo is not pleased by the proposed visit of the US President to Hill Street.Meanwhile his emerging relationship with Joyce Davenport is floundering.The alleged shooter of Renko and Hill is released without charge.After the TV crew is involved (unauthorized, thanks to La Rue) in a liquor store stakeout that turns deadly, the TV presentation is favorable to Hill Street.Esterhaus goes out to meet a dangerous criminal once convicted on his evidence, now released from prison, only to find that his nemesis has taken to religion and is seeking forgiveness from Esterhaus.Santini and Harris encounter the black van and attempt to apprehend the three prostitutes without calling for assistance; as a result, Harris is murdered.Belker solves a series of rapes and captures two rapists - but the main suspect remains at large.Two officers are jumped when they leave a building after finding no evidence of a suspected theft.

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Grace Gardner arrives to redecorate, and has her eyes at once on Sergeant Esterhaus.The show received a total of 98 Emmy nominations during its run.The series ran for 146 episodes over seven seasons.Hector (a 15-year-old repeat offender for whom Furillo has a soft spot) takes hostages after an armed robbery; Furillo talks the situation to an end, preventing Hunter from deploying a massive arsenal of high-powered weaponry. There are questions about whether Renko has correctly identified his shooter.Renko and Hill steal a large piece of meat, only to have it stolen from them by La Rue and Washington ... Men are still being kidnapped, stripped naked and robbed by three prostitutes in a black van.

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