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WSMR features which have been consolidated include the incline winding house (Bulletin 103) which enabled the railway to transport the iron ore from the mines to the Port of Watchet for onward shipment to the furnaces in South Wales.SIAS is particularly looking forward to the publication of Mike Joness authoritative work on the mines and the railway this autumn.A 96,000 from Grantscape, an environmental charity, will be spent on the conservation, preservation and interpretation of the mill, tasks which are scheduled to be completed this year.By far the most intractable problem concerns Tonedale Mills and the Tone Works in Wellington, much time having been spent by SIAS officers responding to planning applications over the past ten years.Este artículo se trata de un sitio poco conocido en Chicama.- Further issues and reported news relating to industrial sites in Somerset which have come before the SIAS Committee since those referenced in Bulletin 111. Adapted from an article by SIAS archivist Brian Murless.

Future challenges include the gearing from Highbridge Clyse and the two engines of 18 which once pumped at Stanmoor and Southlake respectively and follows their transference from storage at Allermoor.

An initial onsite meeting has taken place with representatives from both groups and necessary legal moves have been set in train with regard to ownership of the artefacts and the land on which they will hopefully be re-erected and displayed.

Denis Dodd has made a digital record of the component parts and the favoured option is to exhibit only one pair of gates inclined at a slight angle rather than positioned horizontally on the ground.

Volunteers would be required for basic conservation tasks but not heavy lifting which would be carried out mechanically.

near Wedmore has been restored to its original appearance by Cotswold Millwright Ltd., the work being funded by its owner, Sedgemoor District Council with a grant from the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings (Mills Section).

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