Ukdating directories

Top To change info about a file, photo, video, or audio, use code like this. [Java Script and HTML for Windows Store apps] In the preceding code, change the file ID to a different file ID, photo ID, video ID, or audio ID to change info about a different file, photo, video, or audio.

For details about the minimum required and optional structures that your app must provide to use PUT for a photo, video, or audio, see the "Audio object", "Photo object", or "Video object" section in REST reference.

Note By default, the file, photo, video, or audio with the same name will be overwritten, if it already exists.

[REST] For REST, you can use PUT or POST, depending on your platform's recommended approach.

Not sure if the script has some sort of mechanism to verify who is invoking it and prevent unauthorized access.

Go to CUCM Phone Directories FAQ Content Table If you recently upgrade to a 10.x release, you might be hitting this bug: It's worth noting that this is considered as WAD, no idea why, and that the above is an enhancement request, so this adjusted to alphabetical order.

If anyone does try it, if you let me know on which endpoints this worked fine, or not, I can update the question with the info.

Go to CUCM Phone Directories FAQ Content Table The directory option has been deprecated in 10.x and above releases, related bug: CSCup84745 There is a way in which you apparently can see the users via UDS, but it's not really user friendly, you browse to: https://x.x.x.x:8443/cucm-uds/users The parameters you can user are here: USERS For this to be usable, you would need to develop a front-end so your users can actually use it.

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