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Otherwise, the current 10 people can basically make a pact and just vote out all the newcomers every week. Good grief, this show is plenty unpredictable when it comes to who will get the boot. That whole thing with Charla and her reservations about Dave were actually funny in a shallow pathetic way. The 2 new women candidates were spicy enough, but that Desiree was probably a little too much woman for all those guys combined.Originally posted by Catch 21 I havent watched the show yet, any couples had sex yet? That whole quivering pinkie finger of Toni's when she had to make her choice among 3 guys was so annoying. They went with the "safe" choice, like the women *thought* they did with Dave last week.But it was funny watching her try to get the odd girl out to "meet all the guys" because she KNEW the odd girl out had Toni's man in her sights and had the best chance at him! Too bad the women went "safe" and picked Dave over Tom, who was "bringing it".Yeah i remember that crazy blonde from the Love Cruise. If I see Toni with that fakish anguish crying face once more...I'm sure Tom would have made for a more interesting show..possibly a murder mystery...The show will probably try to "shock" the guests with another so-called twist about the fact that the newest guest cannot be voted out on the first week. He's complaining about being the "nice guy" and getting dumped by women who go for the hotties, and all the while, he's got the social graces of a rhino in heat.

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But they couldn’t choose between Keith and Tara, and Dave and Charla, as the final twist involved flipping the couples.

Caught the last 30 minutes of this "yet another backstabbing hook-up" show, and wondered why Toni (ol' big breasted bug eyes herself) is on this show?

She was on that other Fox show last year where it was about couples getting voted off in a rather complicated manner in a tropical setting. Some of the other chicks aren't half bad -- a lot of big boobs. I thought they would be drop dead gorgeous from the way FOX had been promoting them. The girls are "overrated", especially Toni she is disgusting.

Charla and Keith won and were awarded the “ultimate prize”: 0,000 between them, so 0,000 for each–half of ‘s.

The two winners were faced with a final choice: Whether or not to give half of their 0,000 to their original partners.

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